Radiance Spray TanningSpecializing in spray tanning at body building competitions as a ProTan partner.


    Why Choose Us?

    Official Spray Tanning Sponsor

    Radiance Spray Tanning will be the only ones allowed backstage to provide touch-ups, glaze and glue.  We assist all competitors to help showcase their physique on stage.  

    Talented and Experienced Team

    We have an excellent team that understands the value of a good tan. Many of our team members have participated in body building competitions themselves, and have the experience necessary to understand what judges look for in a professional competition tan. 

    Professional Level Equipment

    We’ve done the research, performed trial and error, and invested in the top tanning equipment, using products the pros use.  

    Official ProTan Partner

    We are a recognized, official ProTan partner; having met and exceeded the expectations outlined in their application training course.  




    Our Process



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    Radiance Spray Tanning is an official partner of ProTan. Website created as a collaborative effort between Radiance Spray Tanning and MaryMakingTX